1.   Boathouse, Waltham, MA, USA                                              Advertising
  2.   Agricola Garces, Chile                                                              Agriculture
  3.   Coagra, Chile                                                                             Agriculture, Farming, Food
  4.   OceanSpray, Boston, USA                                                       Beverage
  5.   Pernod Ricard USA                                                                   Beverage
  6.   Sabic, Saudi Arabia & Pittsfield, MA, USA                             Chemicals
  7.   Gilbane, USA                                                                             Construction
  8.   Mfg. Contractors Asso. of America, USA                              Construction
  9.   Cambridge Technology Partners, Boston, USA                   Consulting
  10.   Club de Innovacion, Chile                                                       Consulting
  11.   Cuantica (CREAME), Medellin, Colombia                              Consulting
  12.   Environments@Work, Boston, USA                                      Consulting
  13.   Global Innovation Mgt. Inst., Boston, USA                           Consulting
  14.   Innovation Norway                                                                  Consulting
  15.   Intl. Group of Department Stores, Switzerland                  Consulting
  16.   LTC Project, Spain                                                                    Consulting
  17.   Penteo, Barcelona, Spain                                                        Consulting
  18.   Valkiria, Barcelona, Spain                                                       Consulting
  19.   VentureCity, Miami, USA                                                         Consulting
  20.   Familia, Colombia                                                                    Consumer Products
  21.   Floridas Bebidas, Costa Rica                                                  Consumer Products
  22.   Glaxo Smith Kline (Consumer Health), USA                        Consumer Products
  23.   BAE Systems, USA                                                                   Defense
  24.   FLIR                                                                                            Defense
  25.   U.S. Navy, USA                                                                         Defense
  26.   Kusto Group, Almaty, Kazaksthan                                        Diversified
  27.   Banco Occidente, Cali, Colombia                                          Financial Services
  28.   BBVA, Spain                                                                              Financial Services
  29.   Citizens Bank, USA                                                                  Financial Services
  30.   Grupo Security, Chile                                                              Financial Services
  31.   Grupo Sura, Medellin, Colombia                                          Financial Services
  32.   Merrill Lynch, NJ, USA                                                             Financial Services
  33.   North Atlantic Capital, Portland, ME, USA                           Financial Services
  34.   Novartis Venture Fund, Boston, USA                                   Financial Services
  35.   Pictet, Geneva, Switzerland                                                   Financial Services
  36.   PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Spain                                          Financial Services
  37.   Proteccion, Medellin, Colombia                                            Financial Services
  38.   Taurus Capital, Medellin, Colombia                                     Financial Services
  39.   Verti, Spain                                                                               Financial Services
  40.   Firmenich, USA                                                                        Food
  41.   Mars Corp., USA                                                                      Food
  42.   Nutresa, Colombia                                                                  Food
  43.   KFAS, Kuwait                                                                            Government Foundation
  44.   RutaN, Medellin, Colombia                                                    Government Foundation
  45.   Scottish Enterprise, Scotland                                                Government Foundation
  46.   Sebrae, Brazil                                                                           Government Foundation
  47.   EMD Merck Serono, Boston, USA                                         Healthcare - Biotech
  48.   McKesson Corp., USA                                                             Healthcare - Diversified
  49.   Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, USA                                      Healthcare - Financial Services
  50.   Baxter China & Baxter USA                                                   Healthcare - Medical Device
  51.   Boston Scientific, Boston, USA                                              Healthcare - Medical Device
  52.   Covidien, Boston, USA                                                            Healthcare - Medical Device
  53.   Cytyc Corporation, Marlboro, USA                                       Healthcare - Medical Device
  54.   Fresinius Medical Care NA, Waltham, MA, USA                 Healthcare - Medical Device
  55.   Instrumentation Laboratory, USA                                        Healthcare - Medical Device
  56.   Medtronic Corp., USA                                                             Healthcare - Medical Device
  57.   PANalytical X-ray, Marlboro, MA, USA                                 Healthcare - Medical Device
  58.   Stryker, Boston, USA                                                              Healthcare - Medical Device
  59.   Bayer Material Science, Germany                                        Healthcare - Pharma
  60.   Merck, USA                                                                               Healthcare - Pharma
  61.   Novartis, Switzerland                                                             Healthcare - Pharma
  62.   NADA (National Automotive Dealers Asso.), USA              Industry Association
  63.   National Fire Protection Agency, Boston, USA                   Industry Association
  64.   SBANE, Boston, USA                                                               Industry Association
  65.   Didi, Beijing, China                                                                  Internet
  66.   Sokolove Law, Boston, USA                                                   Legal
  67.   Argos, Colombia                                                                      Manufacturing
  68.   Assa Abloy Americas                                                               Manufacturing
  69.   Halma, UK                                                                                 Manufacturing
  70.   Masco Corp., Taylor, MI, USA                                                Manufacturing
  71.   Scania, Sweden                                                                        Manufacturing
  72.   Taco, Cranston, RI, USA                                                          Manufacturing
  73.   TCL, Shenzhen, China                                                             Manufacturing
  74.   Auteco, Colombia                                                                    Manufacturing & Retail
  75.   Comcast, Philadelphia, USA                                                   Media
  76.   Gannett, USA                                                                            Media
  77.   Reed Elsivier, USA                                                                    Media
  78.   Saltire Foundation, Scotland                                                  Non-Profit
  79.   Santander-Red Emprendia                                                     Non-Profit
  80.   CURA, Shanghai, China                                                           Real Estate
  81.   Tatweer Misr, Cairo, Egypt                                                     Real Estate
  82.   Vanke, Shanghai, China                                                          Real Estate
  83.   World Union, Shenzhen, China                                             Real Estate
  84.   TJX, Boston, USA                                                                      Retail
  85.   Collette Vacations, USA                                                          Services
  86.   Endeavor, Brazil                                                                      Services
  87.   Ports America, USA                                                                 Services
  88.   Seminarium, Chile                                                                   Services
  89.   Ellevation Education, Boston, USA                                       Software
  90.   Monotype Imaging, Boston, USA                                          Software
  91.   Parametric Tech. Corporation, Boston, USA                      Software
  92.   EMC, Boston, USA                                                                   Technology
  93.   Entel, Chile                                                                               Telecom
  94.   France Telecom, France                                                         Telecom
  95.   Lucent, USA                                                                              Telecom
  96.   Telefonica, Chile                                                                      Telecom
  97.   Vivendi, France                                                                        Telecom & Media
  98.   Chilectra, Chile                                                                         Utility
  99.   Iberdrola, Spain                                                                       Utility
  100.   CEDI, Bangkok University, Thailand                                     University Executive Program
  101.   Centrum, Peru                                                                         University Executive Program
  102.   ESADE, Barcelona & Madrid                                                  University Executive Program
  103.   ESSEC, Singapore                                                                    University Executive Program
  104.   FORUM, Univ. de la Sabana, Colombia                               University Executive Program
  105.   Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China                  University Executive Program
  106.   HEC, Paris, France                                                                   University Executive Program
  107.   IESE, Spain                                                                                University Executive Program
  108.   IFL-TIO, Stockholm School of Economics                            University Executive Program
  109.   INCAE, Costa Rica                                                                    University Executive Program
  110.   Irish Management Institute, Dublin, Ireland                      University Executive Program
  111.   Laval University, Quebec, Canada                                        University Executive Program
  112.   PRIME Business School, Bogota, Colombia                        University Executive Program
  113.   Reykjavik University, Iceland                                                 University Executive Program
  114.   Singapore Management University, Singapore                 University Executive Program
  115.   Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden                          University Executive Program
  116.   Tech de Monterrey, Mexico                                                  University Executive Program
  117.   Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile                                         University Executive Program
  118.   University of Applied Sciences, Bern, Switzerland            University Executive Program
  119.   Vienna University of Econ. & Business, Austria                 University Executive Program

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